Wishing you a Happy Holidays
and a Bright New Year...

from The 32-Bit Cafe

To get into the festive season and celebrate the start of a new year, the 32-Bit Cafe hosted a community event with various ways for you to participate.

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How to Participate

πŸ“ Join the Blog Carnival

Reflect on 2023 and/or what's to come. Perhaps you'd like to share some highlights of 2023 or look forward to intentions or goals you have for the new year. On your blog, write a post or poem to join in on the fun. This was inspired by the IndieWeb Carnival. Once you're done with your blog post, submit the URL on the submission form.

🎊 Share your holiday traditions or make new ones

Whether it's a blog post or standalone webpage, we'd love to hear how you get festive and enjoy this time of year! Show off your favorite holiday gifs, write out your New Year's resolutions, talk about how you celebrate holidays on the beachβ€”get creative! Once you've finished your page, submit the URL on the submission form.

πŸ“€ Celebrate with graphics

❄️ Create your own snowflakes

Use this template to create your own snowflake like these folks did and submit the URL to your image to join in our winter wonderland!

πŸͺ Bake some gingerbread art

Use these templates from the Objets pixel clique to "bake" some gingerbread pixel art! When you're finished, submit the image URL on the submission form.

🎁 Create a gift to the small web in the form of a graphic

Pixel, draw, or make a graphic that symbolizes your favorite year-end holiday. Not sure where to start? How about using a template from our Pixel Club Partners, so you can join the club while also participating in this event at the same time!

Follow the club to their template! Once you're done creating your holiday-themed images, submit the image URL on the submission form.

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„ Secret Santa

When you fill out the participation form, you can tell your "Secret Santa" things you like, and your assigned Santa will create something for you. The event planners will assign "Secret Santas" to ensure each person who participates will create a gift and get a gift.

Secret Santas will be sending their gifts to their giftees. This is separate from your event submission.

Please note: This is meant to be a creative activity and gifts should not be physical nor monetary in nature. Examples of acceptable digital gifts include a playlist, illustration, poem, etc.

Please be mindful of your own personal bandwidth when signing up for this as it would suck if folks didn't get a gift after spending time crafting one for another person. Schedule some quality time to create a nice, personal gift.

Secret Santas will be notified by December 30th, so if you want to participate in the gift exchange, be sure to submit before then.

Event Details


Starts midnight, localtime, on December 15, running through 11:59pm, localtime, January 10. This is arbitrary and loose, but try to keep it within this window!


Ready to submit your entry to the event? We still take late submissions, but will be added over time.

Send in your submission here!

Be sure to include how you'd like to be credited for the creation (username, link to site, etc.) if you want it to be attributed. A page will be assembled to compile all submissions. An archive will be made available after a short while for offline use.

Link to the Event

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Thanks to everyone to participated in any manner- big or small!

Art submissions have been attributed with a link to the creator's site or with the creator's name/handle if no website link is provided. By "adopting" any of these from the event, one must agree to link back to the creator listed on the event page or credit them by name.


A big, amazing thank you to our Event Planners for brainstorming and organizing this event: Lost Letters, Jay, PunkWasp, Loren, and honeybread for this incredible layout.