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The 32-Bit Cafe Holiday Event 2023

Last Updated: January 28, 2024

Thank you to everyone who participated in our year-end holiday event! We have everyone's submissions displayed below. We had people from all across the world participate and connect with one another over traditions, reflections, art, and the things we share in common with one another. Thank you for making the personal web shine a little brighter this holiday season.

If this was your first event, join us for more! The 32-Bit Cafe holds events like these all throughout the year, and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

An offline archive is now available to download!

Table of Contents

  1. Blog Carnival
  2. Page Submissions
  3. Graphic Submissions
  4. Secret Santa
  5. Credits

Blog Carnival

Inspired by the IndieWeb Blog Carnival, the prompt we chose for this event was to reflect on 2023 and/or what's to come.

Page Submissions

Graphic Submissions

Consider these graphics gifts to the small web from everyone who submitted them. Feel free to adopt with credit, linking back to the original artist! And don't forget to check out the pixel cliques that participated in the event!


Inspired by snowflake trading of ye olde web, these are the snowflakes falling on the page right now!

shwintykat cow velvet boutique choiyoona artwork
manyface daryl sun daryl sun floral tears xandra boolean




Hold My Hand



Lava Lamps





Secret Santa Gifts

Mouse over the gifts to see the grand reveal of the participating Secret Santas! Click or tap the present itself to be taken to a full-size version.

Link to the Event

Use this 88x31 button to link to this page so others can see the other submissions alongside your own!


A big thank you to our Event Planners for brainstorming and organizing this event: Lost Letters, Jay, PunkWasp, Loren, and honeybread, who also made the incredible layout of the promotional event page. Thank you again to Jay for helping with the display page.

Thank you to all of the pixel clubs that participated!

Thank you to Robyn for the gingerbread templates, and thank you to microbyte for the very cool wintery background submission, used for this very page. You can download it yourself on microbyte's website.

Finally, thank you to P.H. Lee for the gift opening animation in CSS!