🌈 32-bit cafe pride '23 event 🌈

a huge part of the personal web is self-expression and unapologetically being who you are. our community voted to have a pride zine for our mid-year event! submissions were open until may 31st, 2023. missed the deadline? reach out to xandra to have your entry included.

read the zine!

table of contents

author description
Jay A little collection of all the queer parts of my website :)
Lost Letters This interactive work focuses on my pansexuality, but also explores themes of self-love / self-determination, intersectional identities, and queer allyship.
fLaMEd A brief look into Pride in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Make sure you scroll down!
J A university essay I wrote (and wish I had a higher word count for), detailing the negative ways BBC news represents transgender people in one article, and the impact this has on the the transgender community and perceptions of it as a whole.
Ava i created a magnet poetry page for pride. the selection of words expresses a lot of aspects, characteristics and identities within the lgbtq community from my perspective, and through the possibility of combining them freely, is giving people a way to express their experiences and own relation to the community and pride. underneath the word selection and fridge is an example section that as of now contains three examples of magnet poetry created on the site, but more will be added when i make more or receive some from others!
Cris A short story about a small-town bar.
Carl Bettis The brand new Pride category of my personal blog, Random Modulation. I'll be adding to it throughout the month. For the initial post, a relevant poem of mine.
CooperationIsKey I'm sort of obsessed with rainbows. To the point that I have a bunch of stuff that's rainbow-themed, from clothes to toys to my beach chair. So for Pride 2023, I decided to share my collection with the world!
Alexandra an emotional expression from the receiving end of bisexual erasure.
Mikka For pride month this year, I've made a website which debunks the most common claims made against transgender individuals using multiple sources to invalidate such claims.
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